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Woman Sues Victoria’s Secret Over G-String Accident

Thong related injuries have got to be pretty rare. The article below is from the, a great site for all things consumer protection related.

Woman Sues Victoria’s Secret Because Of Thong Injury [Victorias Secret]: “

Macrida Patterson, age 52, is suing Victoria’s Secret, claiming that because of a design problem, a decorative metallic piece affixed to her thong became airborne and struck her in the eye as she was attempting to put on the garment, according to The Smoking Gun. The thong is called a ‘low-rise v-string’ from their ‘Sexy Little Thing’ line (pictured left). The injury has supposedly caused damage to her cornea, causing her to miss work and ‘will be affecting her the rest of her life.’ Details, inside…

The article says,

Patterson’s lawyer, Jason Buccat, told TSG that a ‘design problem’ caused the decorative piece to come loose and strike Patterson in the eye, causing damage to her cornea. He added that the eye injury, which caused Patterson to miss a few days of work, will be ‘affecting her the rest of her life.’ Patterson is a traffic officer with L.A.’s Department of Transportation. Prior to the lawsuit’s filing, Victoria’s Secret officials asked to examine the garment and the decorative piece, but that request was rejected by Patterson’s counsel. For those unfamiliar with ‘v-strings,’ the undergarment is the Victoria’s Secret variant on the ‘g-string,’ which has long been favored in the battle against visible panty lines.

We hope that in the future Victoria’s Secret offers some sexy OSHA-approved safety glasses to go with their projectile underwear.

Dinged By A G-String? [The Smoking Gun]

(Via Consumerist.)


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